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Adjustable Illumination Angle - LED Linear Buried Light

MOQ :100 piece

Lead Time :10 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : T/T

Departure Port : Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:100000 pieces

Product Specifications

  • Brand name: LiangJia Beauty

Product Description

Project Name: Adjustable Illumination Angle - LED Linear Buried Light

Reporting unit: LiangJia Beauty Lighting Co.,LTD 

Comprehensive introduction or reporting reasons:

1 Beautiful appearance, novel, good heat dissipation, strong weather resistance, high reliability, unique design with independent intellectual property rights;

2Special structural design, by not removing the lamp body, the external visible adjustment lamp body LED light source illumination angle. The following three pain points are solved when the product is applied: 2.1 The lamp body is not removed, ensuring the integrity of the product, waterproof reliability, and ensuring the quality of the lamp; 2.2 Angle adjustment to solve the anti-glare of the ground lighting, and the traditional anti-glare The comparison of the grid method improves the luminous efficacy of the product by not less than 30%; 2.3 The adjustment of the angle ensures the uniformity of the illuminated surface light.

The main technical parameters:

Working voltage: DC24V

Rated power: 18W/24W/36W

Color temperature: 2200~6500K RGB

Angle: 10 °; 30 °; 45 °; 60 °.


Comparison with similar products at home and abroad or similar technologies:

1 The appearance is exquisite, simple and beautiful; 2 The unique external adjustable lamp body light source illumination angle is the first and leading in the online buried lamp product line;



Economic evaluation analysis:

Reliable, practical, cost-effective, solves the pain points of product application

Technical and process innovation points:

The special structure design can adjust the angle of the LED light source in the body by externally adjusting the lamp body without removing the lamp body. The following three pain points are resolved when applying the product:

1There is no lamp body removed to ensure the integrity of the product, waterproof reliability, and ensure the quality of the lamp;

2 Angle adjustment, to solve the anti-glare of the ground lighting, compared with the traditional anti-glare plus grille way, improve the light efficiency of not less than 30% of the product;

3 Angle adjustment to ensure uniformity of the surface light.


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