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Waterproof three-in-one computer light G20 Hybrid IP

MOQ :100 piece

Lead Time :10 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : T/T

Departure Port : Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:100000 pieces

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Golden Sea
  • Emitting Color:Black
  • Control Mode: Remote Control/Other
  • Light source:LED

Product Description

Project Name: Waterproof three-in-one computer light G20 Hybrid IP

Reporting unit: Golden Sea Professional Equipment Ltd

Comprehensive introduction or reporting reasons:

The three-in-one computer light realizes the multi-function intelligent lighting with light, rendering and dynamic effects. The three-in-one computer light with IP65 protection level breaks the limitation of the traditi
onal use environment, so that the computer light can be in addition to the stage. The all-weather comprehensive performance project has more extensive use (including urban lighting, architectural lighting), and the use of three-in-one stage lighting for rendering in urban lighting and other places can create a more colorful overall effect. IP65 waterproof computer light G20HYBRID IP breaks through the technical problems of stage waterproof computer lights, and focuses on a series of advanced technologies such as cooling system, light energy conversion technology, all-weather computer system stabilization technology, IP65 protection level, and flexible replacement of modular components. One meter of small equipment. These products solve many problems of the artistic design of outdoor lighting, enhance the artistic quality of environmental lighting, and provide a broader creative space for the creation of environmental art lighting art.

The main technical parameters:

light source
Light bulb: Philips Platinum 21R, 470W
Color temperature: 7800K, life: 1500H

Horizontal scan: 540° or 630° (16 bit precision scan)
Vertical scan: 270° (16 bit precision scan)
Advanced scanning system is faster, more stable, quieter, with automatic error correction reset function

Uniform and smooth CMY+CTO color mixing system
1 color plate: 14 color chips + white circle, half color effect, color film can be positioned at will, rainbow effect with two-way rotation

1 rotating pattern plate: 8 pattern pieces + white circle, with pattern dithering and pattern arbitrary positioning function
1 fixed pattern plate: 15 pattern pieces + white circle

2 prism discs: 4 prisms, 8 prisms, with prism overlap, positioning macro function
Motorized amplification, beam mode: 2°-28°,
Pattern mode: 2°-36°,
Dyeing mode: 3°-45°
Focusing: electronic focusing, ultra-smooth adjustment of focal length
Strobe: up to 15Hz, and optional random strobe and pulse strobe
Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
Atomization: 0-100% soft light effect
Dynamic effect disk: super cool simulation dynamic vibration, turbulent water and other dynamic effects
Water resistance factor: IP65

Advanced and convenient touch color LCD display: With rechargeable battery, you can enter the menu address code and other settings without powering up; after 15 seconds, the button is automatically locked to prevent misoperation, long press the menu button for 3 seconds After activation button;
User-friendly reset detection setting: long press the menu button and the confirmation button to lock the horizontal and vertical scan reset, which can support the lamp to complete the reset detection in the aircraft box.

3 channel modes: 27/25/39 international standard DMX512 channels
7 built-in programs to choose from
Software upgrade: easy and quick upgrade of software through DMX data cable
The DMX address code can be changed from the console, the remote control switch bulb, the machine reset, the voice mode conversion and other functions can be completed.
Display the time of use of lamps and lamps, so that customers can know the usage of the lamps in time.

Other functions
Input signal isolation protection function ensures signal transmission is stable and undisturbed
High-temperature automatic protection, when the temperature is too high, the light bulb is automatically turned off to make the lamp cool and then foamed to ensure the safe use of the lamp.
Optional built-in wireless features
Optional ArtNet Control
Advanced RDM features

power supply
AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

size and weight
Package weight: 69x57x80.5cm
Net weight: 38kgs
Gross weight: 78kgs

Technical and process innovation points:

The computer light G20HYBRID IP breaks through the technical problems of the stage waterproof computer light, and concentrates on a series of advanced technologies such as heat dissipation system, light energy conversion technology, all-weather computer system stabilization technology, IP65 protection level, and flexible replacement of modular components. The small device on the meter.

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