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Hessian Flood Light LC-FL-HSB-050-A22

MOQ :100 piece

Lead Time :10 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : T/T

Departure Port : Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:100000 pieces

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Light-cone
  • Light Source:LED
  • Application:Square/Garden/Park/High way/Other
  • Voltage:220-240V/ 110-130V
  • Beam Angel:>60°

Product Description

Project Name: Hessian Flood Light LC-FL-HSB-050-A22

Declaration unit: Hangzhou Light-cone Technology Co.,Ltd

Comprehensive introduction or reporting reasons:
As one of the special products of Light Cone Technology - Heshi LED floodlight, inspired by Hessian, ring-shaped package, the appearance is round, but the difference between the jade and the jade is that it is square, showing just right, inside The lens is also square, the expression is consistent, and the final spot is also square, indicating consistent. This lamp is not invaluable, but the light cone reflected by the lamp is invaluable with the value of the noble value and the light cone. This product combines classical elements, technological elements, and human elements.
The Hess LED floodlights are unique in appearance, sophisticated in texture, streamlined in design, sophisticated in quality, refined in value and representative. They can blend modern architecture with lamps and have great ornamental value. The starting point of the design is to select the target surface (wall surface or curved surface) at a long distance as a place to create a clear and uniform boundary for the beautiful and colorful lighting environment.
CREE high-power high-brightness XP-G2 light source, with no pollution, no radiation, high energy-saving efficiency, high color rendering index, intuitive and clear display, color temperature optional, life expectancy up to 50,000 hours; Heat dissipation design, high thermal conductivity ADC12 die-cast aluminum profile, compact structure, high temperature baking finish; reliable silicone rubber seal, high temperature resistance above 150 degrees, no aging, good lamp body sealing, waterproof and dustproof, protection grade IP65 or above; lens It adopts imported PMMA material for injection molding, high temperature resistance, strong light transmission, professional light distribution design, beautiful appearance and high light extraction rate; glass adopts 5MM high light transmission tempered ultra-white glass.
Constant current drive, stable rectification, instantaneous start, power factor above 0.95, high power efficiency, safe and reliable; fast response, no stroboscopic, solid light source with full luminous flux output immediately after lighting, strong shock resistance, easy to transport and install It has high safety, strong directionality of light, easy to control light, and effectively improve the efficiency of the lighting system.

The main technical parameters:
1. Working voltage: AC100-265V 50/60HZ.
2. Power factor: ≥0.95
3, input power: 53W
4, LED power: 50W
5, color temperature: about 6200K
6, luminous flux: 5100LM
7, LED life: >50000HR
8, the angle of illumination: 90 °
9, protection level: IP65

Technical and process innovation points:
First, the core technology:
This project designed a floodlight lens, including the lens body. The lens body includes an inner surface that receives light emitted from the light source and an outer surface that emits light, wherein the outer surface includes a first curved surface and a second curved surface for implementing the square illumination region. The second curved surface is used for connecting the first curved surface, and the first curved surface is formed by splicing optical curves of several equal-angle cross-sections, and the distance from the spot boundary point to the center point of the spot is used as the energy distribution standard for uniform illumination of each cross-section. The project provides a floodlight lens, a light-emitting module with the projector lens and a floodlight. The secondary light distribution design can efficiently generate the lens surface, and realize the illumination under the requirement of the square spot boundary shape. The uniformity is 0.85 or more.

Second, innovation:
Compared with the prior art, the technology used in the project has the beneficial effects that the lens surface can be efficiently generated by the secondary light distribution design, and the illumination uniformity is more than 0.85 under the requirement of the square spot boundary shape. This technology can realize floodlight square illumination with different angles (such as 30°, 60°, 90°, etc.), and the uniformity is good. The floodlights produced are very suitable for the projection of large billboards and the tall building facade. Etc. Lighting project.




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