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Rubiks Cube Series 3.0 Flood Light

MOQ :100 piece

Lead Time :10 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : T/T

Departure Port : Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:100000 pieces

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:roleds
  • Light Source:LED
  • Application:Square/Garden/Park/Other
  • Fixture Color:Black
  • Voltage:220-240V

Product Description

Project Name: Rubik's Cube Series 3.0 Flood Light

Reporting unit: Hangzhou Luolai Disi Lighting System Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive introduction or reporting reasons:
Luo Laidis Lighting System Co., Ltd. has launched a new series of “Magic Cube” outdoor floodlights wall washers, which meets different needs in terms of lumens and color temperature. With its high brightness, high luminous efficiency and high quality products, the Rubik's Cube series is precisely positioned in the high-end full range of full-size LED outdoor floodlights with its excellent optical effects, flexibility, safety and precision.
The Rubik's Cube 3.0 series also includes RGB/RGBW full color and four-in-one full color series. With the Roaldix outdoor lighting DMX512 control system, it can realize 256-level monochrome brightness adjustment and full color 16 million color adjustment. Bringing beautiful night lights to the night of the city.
1) Low carbon energy saving
Through rationalization of arrangement and control, the municipal management office realizes transmission control for each lighting node (ecological park, eastern section, middle section, west section, square night illumination, etc.) of each control area.
2) Rubik's light projection series has over-temperature self-recovery protection function, large heat dissipation area + air convection heat dissipation structure,
It can be automatically protected in harsh working environments such as ultra-low temperature, and can be applied to various environments.
3) The lamps use modular components, optics, drive, structure separation, simple process, modular production, and convenient production.


The main technical parameters:

LED Flood Light MATRIX RTG180(9 LEDs) has extreme narrow beam angle with 3.5 , Maximum K value is 192 cd/Lm , and central light intensity is 10,080,000 cd. It is applicable in the environment of narrow beam and meet the demands for lighting on the external surface of 300-meter buildings , extreme high landscapes , sculptures and large-scale stadiums.

Economic Assessment and Analysis

Through multi-functional combination and application in different environments , integrated new type MATRIX with one-time light distribution technology , high K value and decoding drive , they meet increasing strictly demands people about LED lighting fixtures, as well as produce more social and economic effect.

1)Low-carbon and Energy Saving
Through rational layout and control , transmission control could be achieved for lighting node(Ecological Park , East , Middle and West Section of Ecological Park , Night Landscape Lighting in the Square, etc.) in the different branches of Municipal Administration Bureau

2)MATRIX Series Products has overtemperature self-recovery protection function ,
super heat-dissipation area and air-convection heat-dissipation structure , it is self-protected in the harsh environment and used for various landscaping projects in different environment , such as buildings, bridges , mountains , parks ,etc.

3)The body of MATRIX is made of aviation aluminum alloy which is processed by
level military grade three anodized craft ; Optic lens with Panilte PC material is
corrosion resistant and UV-resistant , impact resistance IK08 test has been approved.

4)Integrated decoding drive simplifies the operation on crafts which could be
achieved with machine automation , furthermore , working hours and material cost has been saved.

Technical and process innovation points:

Among all the LED outdoor products, MATRIX Series products has K value 192 cd/lm after adopting unique optic lens with one-time light distribution technology, also the problem of auxiliary facula could be solved. Professional outdoor LED OSRAM in the MATRIX has high CRI , high brightness and high reliability. Unique one-time light distribution technology developed by ROLEDS provides better and more precisely lighting effect. Optic lens with Panilte PC material is corrosion resistant and UV-resistant , impact resistance IK08 test has been approved ; the body of lighting fixtures is made of aviation aluminum alloy which is processed by military grade three anodized craft, maximum heat conductivity is 230W/m*K ; ventilation style design for heat dissipation on the bottom of fixture improves the heat dissipation performance. Professional design with stair-type waterproof structure improves the waterproof level to IP67.

New RGBW products of MATRIX 3.0 can make the light efficacy switch between high color purity and high brightness , it can be used for long distance floodlighting and short distance wall washing , especially applicable in the areas which has special demands on color and high requirements about the uniformity of light and color ; in addition , RGBW products are helpful for enriching the sense of Layering about the animation effect in the actual projects and making lighting programs more excellent.

Mainly focuses on researching and developing dual-protocol chips RDM and DMX512 , all the series of MATRIX support RDM intelligent control and feedback chip, they are compatible with standard DMX512/RDM protocols , supports online UID and has 4 PWM channels ; RGBW control capability can monitor operation status of lighting fixtures and provide powerful protection for stability and safety of operation and maintenance. Various brackets for installation could be used in the different sites and provide convenience for installation ; various accessories designed for different environments could meet different demands for anti-glare function.

Power coverage 1 to 1000 , more reliable optic performance , more exquisite
Industrial design , all these factors provides solid foundation for lighting design.

In the LED outdoor lighting industry , integrated decoding drive realizes modularization assembling , which can combine different quantity of lighting fixture into one , that is how the definition of MATRIX could be explained.

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