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J171 Smart Garden Light

MOQ :100 piece

Lead Time :10 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : T/T

Departure Port : Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:1000000 pieces

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Sanxing
  • Light Source:LED
  • IP Rating:IP55
  • Voltage:Other

Product Description

Project Name: J171 Smart Garden Light

Reporting unit: Jinan Sanxing Lamps Co Ltd

Comprehensive introduction or reporting reasons:

The intelligent courtyard lamp includes eight functions, such as tree lamp, network monitoring, intelligent lighting, wireless Wifi, projection lamp, annular decoration lamp, public broadcasting, charging pile, etc. The control method of intelligent lighting module can control the brightness and color temperature of intelligent lighting module, realize individual control of brightness regulation and color temperature regulation, and realize intelligent management of intelligent lighting module on the basis of energy saving.

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The main technical parameters:



Technical and process innovation points:

一、To solve the problem of single function of courtyard lamp, we provide a kind of intelligent courtyard lamp with advanced communication technology and multi-functional combination, which can realize any combination of functions(cylindrical), which consists of tree lamp module, Network Monitoring Module, intelligent lighting module, wireless WIFI module, projection module, annular lamp module and Public Broadcasting Module

二、The intelligent lighting module is the intelligent lighting module included in the multi-functional intelligent courtyard lamp. The method includes the following steps:

1.The constant current drive power source has two power outlets, which supply high temperature led and low temperature led respectively;

2.Set up the brightness level and color temperature level in the controller, and establish the brightness level, color temperature level and constant current drive power output total power and high and low color temperature led output power mapping relationship;

3.The Controller sends the brightness grade parameter and the color temperature grade parameter to the coordinator, then the coordinator sends the Brightness Grade Parameter and the color temperature grade parameter to the terminal controller, the terminal controller adjusts the output power of the constant current drive power source according to the received brightness grade parameter and the color temperature grade parameter, and outputs the power of the high color temperature led and the low temperature led respectively, thus adjusting the brightness of the high temperature led and the low temperature led.

. Addition of projection function on the basis of traditional courtyard lamp, projection lamp is actuated by electric push rod extending out or inlaid lamp posts, and has a control system which controls the synchronous opening or closing of electric push rod and projection lamp. The control system controls the simultaneous projection lamp luminescence of projection lamp by Electric Push Rod in wireless way. The invention also discloses a method for arranging a courtyard lamp with projection function, which determines the reliable transmission distance of the harmonizer and the terminal controller according to the Friis free space equation, and calculates the distance of the harmonizer and the terminal controller on the basis of ensuring the receiving power.


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